Social media now is most often used for advertising and promotions, PR, and customer service. The best example is Dell, an American multinational informationtechnology corporation, using Twitter to make money.

This week, I will also talk about the social media for 34th IGC, and I chose Twitter as the platform.34th IGC has had an overarching branded account, but it seems that the organisation did not pay attention on it. There are some strategies for manage the enterprise Twitter:

a)      Fill out the profile completely

In the virtual world, only the complete information of the account can be recognized and trusted by other users. Therefore, the logo should be used as the picture and the brief should be correct. Add the official website address on the profile. Do not protect the tweets, let everyone can see the tweets. Integrate Twitter into Facebook, official website and blog.

b)      Follow relevant accounts

Follow the accounts of the organisations and celebrities belong to the same domain as the 34th IGC, which have been of will become the delegates, sponsors and exhibitors. Use Twitter’s private “Direct Message” channel to connect with these accounts. That will collect their responds better than by emails.

c)      Increase the presence of 34th IGC on Twitter

Add the function of follow Twitter account on every website of the organisation used to attract followers. Create a list for the congress. Collect all the delegates, sponsors and exhibitors’ accounts when they register on the official website. Add the accounts to the Twitter list so that all the delegates can follow the 34th IGC’s account and recognise each other through the list to increase interactions. Use some Twitter app to search for the people in the same category of the organisation such as and

d)     Maintain the content standards of tweets

As the content of a message can only up to 140 characters, the content should be concise to let audience understand clearly. All of the links posted on Twitter should be shortened URLs. Using a hashtag, words or phrases prefixed with a “#” sign, can not only help categorize all the posts on a topic but also easily be searched by users who are interested in the topic of the tweets. All the tweets should be the news relevant to the coming congress. It should be mentioned that the tweets should be a two-way conversation. Reply the representative comments.

Using Twitter can be a free advertising method. 34th IGC can expand its brand influence and build relationships with people and organisations belong to the relevant domain.

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