An Enterprise Wiki is a publishing site for sharing and updating large volumes of information across an enterprise. If an organization needs a large, centralized knowledge repository that is designed to both store and share information on an enterprise-wide scale, consider using an Enterprise Wiki.

I have posted a blog introduced the benefits of implementing Enterprise 2.0 tools.

In that blog, I referred to two cases of Enterprise Wiki to explain that Enterprise 2.0 can enhance productivity and efficiency and staff engagement.

The 34th International Geological Conference (IGC) is being hosted by the Australian Geoscience Council (AGC), which will be held in Brisbane, Australia next year. I consider if the organisation can enhance collaboration and share knowledge by implementing Enterprise Wiki.

IGC can use Wiki as internet for the staff.  This network is very easy to use so that staff can get use to it fast. It can replace the traditional email system and staff can check the email expediently. By using Wiki, the new idea can be posted timely and shared to everyone of the organisation.

Of course, the organisation should make a clear rule to explain staff’s responsibilities on the internal Wiki. As on the Wiki, everyone has the authority to edit pages, understanding how to participate in the editing and collaborate with others to finish a task is important for everyone.


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