Nowadays, many organisations use a corporate weblog to reach its organisational goals. The corporate weblog can be categorized as either external or internal.

An external blog is a publicly available weblog where an organisation shares its views. When an organisation is planning to publish an external business blog, the primary thing is to develop a business blogging strategy. If starting blogging randomly without a proper strategy, you risk turning the advantages against you. This week, I want to discuss something about the external business blogging strategy.

1.       Clear the goals for the blog. 

What are your primary goals?

  • Customer conversation
  • Branding
  • Thought leadership
  • SEO (Search engine optimization)
  • Sales
  • Subscribers
  • Comments

For instance, Amazon’s primary goal for the blogs is to create a place where their editors can share their passions and interests with their customers and the larger community.

2.       Have a professional editor to ensure content quality.

Your blog’s writing quality reflects on your brand. This is particularly important for business blogs that represent the organisation. The editor of the blog should be professional so that to ensure the business blogs have professional content and consistent quality. Moreover, it is important to keep the post read easily and relevant. I advise the words of a post should no more than 500 words.

3.       Decide the update frequency of the blog.

It is unnecessary to write a blog post every day as some consistency can be helpfulin getting an audience to come back for more regularly. On the other hand, checking and responding comments should be timely.

4.       Decide blogging topics and keywords.

This is very relevant towards your SEO, which is your organic ranking on the search engines. Before starting blogging, it is necessary to decide exactly what topics of the blog. The topics and keywords in the business blog should be easily for people to search out.

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