If I ask you, “What is Web 2.0?” Maybe only professional can give me an answer. Actually I am a Web 2.0 beginner. I cannot give you a right answer too.

But if I ask you, “Do you know wikis or twitter?” Maybe only those who have not used internet answer “No.”

There are a large number of Web 2.0 tools, such as social network, blogs, RSS, social media and podcasting. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, these are popular Web 2.0 tools, but I just began to use them. Because of different language, there are other popular tools in my hometown.

Now I came to Australia, I have to build a new social community. Actually, it is not easy to expand the social circle on the internet for a foreigner. Language and culture are two barriers which need to release.

Twitter:  the most Influential microblog. This new kind of instant messaging makes social communication much simpler. Users can easily share their idea or funny things in short sentences or images, and search the topics which they are interested in conveniently. Users can tweet via the Twitter website, compatible external applications such as for smartphones, or by SMS available in certain countries. Of course, you must notice that you can only send text-based posts of up to 140 characters.

Although I just start use twitter, there is a funny feature I would like to talk about,hashtags. Users can post a message by using a hashtage – words or phrases prefixed with a "#" sign. Hashtage seems like a topic,  it makes people search for the tweets which they are interested in much faster. For example, our hashtage is #346class11, when we want to search others’ ideas about this course, we can type in this hashtage.

I used a microblog named Weibo in China, and I log on it everyday. It is really a funny social networking! And comparing with twitter, I perfer Weibo. Not only because it is a Chinese interface, but also it  is easier using.

YouTube: A great social media website. People in the world can share their video to others. This social interaction enhances the social communication. To some extent, this website expand people’s outlook. Unregistered users may watch videos, and registered users may upload an unlimited number of videos. I am one of the former.

There is a video I found on Youtube can explain how the Web 2.0 effect personal productivity.

To understand and use these Web 2.0 tools to help me bulid a sense of place on the internet is my plan.


Web 2.0 pays more attention to the interaction, which makes users can take part in the filling content of website, such as Wikis. In the information age, everyone can be the contributor on the internet. People can provide and get massage from others through the platform of internet.

P.S. There is a good website that you can find Web 2.0 application on it.