Do you have your own blog?

Every blogger hope to build a successful blog. But how make your blog attract people’s eyes? As a beginner of a blog, I am looking for some approach to get success.

What is a successful blog? Does it mean a lot of states, a large number of comments, or make a profit? One thousand people in one thousand Hamlet. There must be a thousand defining in bloggers’ mind. As for me, of course, I hope what I wrote have some viewers. But more important for me is my blog can bring some thinking to others. To share my happy, my opinions, my new ideas, etc.

No matter what way to build a successful blog, it executed by the blogger. So let’s discuss about the conditions for a successful blogger.

  • Have a fresh perspective.

A new idea, a new discovery and a new perspective can bring a surprise to the viewers. Let people know you are a funny blogger. Nobody likes to stay with a negative person.

  • Have a certain performance.

Clear the purpose of your blog and make a plan to execute. A lazy blogger even know much theory cannot succeed. Keep a rational rate to update the blog.

  • Build or join a “blogging”.

Most successful bloggers try their best to build connect with others, not only their readers, but also other bloggers. Try to extend your social circle and communicate with others.

  • Master some blog skills.

Know how to use tools and plugins to optimize your blog. Use keywords and tags to let your blog easy to search.

  • Do not cheat any visitor.

An unreal title may attract numerous eyes and increate states in short-term. But it just brings disgust to the readers. They will never visit your blog another time.

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