About myself:

Hello, I am Jane, a postgraduate of IT. This is my first time  study in Australia. I learnt computer science and technology at university in my country. Last year, I graduated and got the Bachelor of Engineering.

About Enterprise 2.0:

My understanding of Enterprise 2.0 is that it is an application that is similar to Web 2.0 to the enterprise. This technology enables people to collaborate and communicate online. It can realize the interactive communication by blogs, podcasting and social networking…

I chose this unit because it is associated with my major, Enterprise system. Actually, I have never heard about Enterprise 2.0 before I came here. But when I began to pay attention to it, I found that Enterprise 2.0 has appeared for a few years. Meanwhile, some people are worried about its prospect as they believe that Web 3.0 will appear soon.

I think it is inevitable that new things will replace the current technology, but it does not mean that learning this technology is not necessary. The fact is that Enterprise 2.0 has been used by many mainstream software vendors like IBM, Microsoft and Oracle. So I want to gain something from this unit.